Providing Emerging Professionals With Flexible Opportunity

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Our Mission

NXSTEP's mission is to provide talented emerging professionals with the opportunity to monetize their marketable skills while simultaneously building their portfolios and resumes.


As freelance platforms grow in popularity, it becomes increasingly difficult for emerging professionals, no matter how skilled, to stand out among the seemingly endless sea of freelancers and gig postings.

On the same note, it has become much more difficult and time-consuming for employers to find a dynamic and qualified freelancer who's the right fit for the job without spending hours of their own time sorting and sifting through applications, gigs, and proposals.

NXSTEP addresses these shortcomings by employing concierge matching to directly match clients with vetted students and recent grads (in as little as 48 hours) who have been identified to be the right fit for the project.

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Our Purpose

NXSTEP aims to de-stigmatize the perceived beliefs regarding the limitation of student capabilities while simultaneously propelling open innovation and collaboration through remote freelance. The title "student" or "recent grad" does not inherently mean that their individual capabilities or level of work is less than that of a professional. This is not to say that NXSTEP doesn't value professional experience- this is 100% untrue. We simply believe that there are highly-qualified, highly-capable, and hard-working  students who's work and experience should speak for itself, not their title. NXSTEP's Talent Network is primarily comprised of hard-working students who have been vetted and identified as highly-skilled or experienced in a certain area.

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Our Story

NXSTEP was founded by a college student (Edozie Ezeanolue), and 2 recent grads (Eddie Cunningham and Asia Taylor) with the goal of helping students take the NXSTEP in their professional careers.


With companies and emerging professionals continuing to heavily adopt remote work since the onset of COVID-19, the prevalence of freelance and micro-internships has been increasing exponentially.


"We decided to steer NXSTEP in a direction that put us in a position where we would not only help companies find qualified short-term talent but help skilled students and recent grads find paid, flexible short-term projects" Edozie says.


Our implementation of concierge matching makes the process of freelance hiring much more streamlined, efficient and organized allowing companies to hire qualified talent, based on their specific needs, in as little as 48 hours. 


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