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How NXSTEP Helped Land Funding with High-Quality Web-App Mockups (Case Study)

At NXSTEP, we pride ourselves on being able to connect businesses with the perfect freelancers to bring their projects to life. Our process is simple and efficient, and our clients always see great results.

One of our recent success stories is with Lupe, a fintech startup based in Indiana. Lupe was in need of high-fidelity mockups for their web-app in order to secure funding, but they had a tight timeline and no in-house design experience. They turned to NXSTEP for help, and we were able to present them with a talented and qualified UX designer within 12 hours of their project request.

The designer, Alena Huang, is a design student at the University of Notre Dame and is set to begin a UX design position at Amazon upon graduation. She was the perfect fit for Lupe's project and was able to create the necessary mockups within 72 hours, beating the client's deadline by a week.

As Lupe's CEO, Armando Sanchez, puts it: "NXSTEP provided us with a top-notch UX designer to bring our ideas to life. This tangible example of how our web-app would work played a big part in our design and led to our first funding acceptance. 10/10."

Thanks to the high-quality work of Alena and the convenience of NXSTEP, Lupe was able to secure funding that was equal to 10x what they paid for the mockups. It was a win-win for both Lupe and Alena, and it's just one example of the success that our clients see when they use NXSTEP.

At NXSTEP, we take the time to personally screen and vet every student and recent graduate in our talent network, ensuring that our clients are only matched with the best freelancers in the industry. And with no up-front fees, clients only pay for the work that is completed – a simple and cost-effective solution for any business. We're confident that we can help your company achieve its goals, just like we did for Lupe. Give NXSTEP a try for your next project and see the difference it can make.

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